Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Disneyworld

I don't know who is more excited - me or the children.  We leave for Disney in 36 hours.  Well, I leave for Disney in 36 hours because I am driving (with Mom) and Bob and the kiddos are flying out on Saturday morning.  Yes, that's right - I am choosing to drive 15 hours instead of flying for two.  I am a crazy person. 

But on to the fun stuff and not the crazy talk -  I have been in a frenzy this week trying to get ready for the trip.  My poor children rarely get shirts sewn for them anymore.  I'm always too busy sewing for everyone else.  But, I did manage to get cute Personalized Mickey Shirts done for them.  These will be added to the website ASAP!  I love the way they turned out.  Please excuse Sullivan's hair.  What on earth am I going to do with that child's hair??

I also treated myself to a new camera lens for this trip and I am already in love.  I think it is going to work perfectly for the parks.  It's a zoom, but not a super zoom (I have no idea what the technical term is for that - but you probably know what I mean).  It is the 55-200 Nikon Lens.  I got it from Amazon for only $249!    Stay tuned for how it actually does at Disney...but check these out from the backyard today - I was standing halfway across the backyard from the kiddos - not bad!  I really am not a very good photographer, but I desperately want to learn to take decent pictrues.  My children HATE having their picture taken and I have been using this trip as incentive for them to smile for a good 6 months now.  I simply explained that Mama was NOT going to go all the way to Florida and not get a good picture of them with that mouse so if they were not willing to TRY to smile for the camera then we were going to cancel the trip. It has worked marginally well.  No idea what I will do a week from now when the trip is over. *sigh* 

Another thing I am using from the site for this trip are the Orbit labels from Inchbug.  I put our last name and my cell phone number on them and the kiddos are going to wear them as bracelets.  That way if for any reason we are separated then they can go to any Disney employee, show them the bracelet, and I can get a phone call immediately.  Of course, this assumes I have not had a heart attack from losing a child and can actually answer the phone.  I think these will be useful in a lot of situations - I can pop them on whenever we go somewhere crowded.

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